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Professional Interior Design

Success in interior design can be directly attributed to the overall lust for life achieved by the highly anticipated "end result". We strive to find out all we can about you, in order to help you realize the best design for you. The most successful design projects are all about co-creation.

Design & Implementation

Are you redecorating your flat or house or simply building from scratch and need inspiration for your new living space? If so, Home Smart Decor's experienced interior decorators will create an unforgettable, unique space for you.

Code Violation Resolution

Let Home Smart Decor eliminate any and all of your building permit nightmares. Is your project stalled or in violation? Home Smart Decor can help you fix the problem and get your construction back on track. There isn't a case we can't resolve-guaranteed!

Home Smart Decor

At Home Smart Decor we thrive to deliver state-of-the-art fashions and styles and cutting edge disciplines in administering your ideal customized kitchen. Our skilled designers and experienced cabinet makers have the know-how and the versatility necessary for a truly inspired custom kitchen design.

Are you redecorating your flat or house or simply building from scratch and need inspiration for your new living space? If so Home Smart Decor's experienced interior decorator will create an unforgettable, unique space for you. Home Smart Decor designs all types of spaces from flats, to individual rooms, from houses, to offices and more. If you wish for a stylish interior that will satisfy you for years to come, let Home Smart Decor handle all of your design and implementation needs.

Home Smart Designs

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The Contemporary Kitchen

Photo by Sharky| The kitchen island adds appreciable function to the modern kitchen. With augmented storage space and supplemental work surfaces, as the heart of the kitchen, the kitchen island makes for the modern kitchen's ideal cooking station. Featured is

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Inspired Decorative Bathroom Accessories

Photo by getimages| As far as good design is concerned, adequate steps should always be taken so that no detail goes overlooked. Even the smallest parts of a room, such as decorative towel hangers or hooks in the bathroom, will

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Elegant, Contemporary Living Room

Photo by Jacek_Kadaj| How do you feel about this beautiful natural wood flooring apartment? This gorgeous contemporary apartment offers a unique take on modern architecture. Beautiful carpet, comfortable couches. This elegantly decorative design is perfect for everyday leisure and will

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My project is too small... Can you help me?

Our motivation is simple. To enhance the look and feel of your home for everyone to enjoy. Your home should ultimately achieve a long lasting state of not only security but warmth and aesthetics as well. we appreciate and value each and every client and work one on one on a personal level to achieve the ideal look for you home.

Can you carry out my remodeling in several stages, rather than in one massive effort?

Whether you plan to remodel your kitchen or are looking to completely transform your basement or attic, We are ready to assist you in both the planning and working stages, or just for certain aspects of the project. Remember that our focus is mostly on local project since we are very knowledgeable about local codes and have connections with vendors on a local level we can easily implement an installation or project in one lump effort or break it down into several stages while still following local code and safety regulations.

How will products be delivered?

At Home Smart Decor, we are completely dedicated to making your shopping experience as easy as possible. You pay a standard delivery charge (shown with each item.) No extra delivery fees or freight surcharges. Many products will arrive within 24 hours. However, you may always upgrade to 2nd-day, overnight or premium white glove delivery on select items. The standard delivery charge is shown with each item. Most items ship within 24 hours and arrive within 3-5 days of shipment date. Select oversized or heavy items may not qualify.

Do you have experience in home-office projects, from A-to-Z?

From Space Planning to Way-finding, every project is unique. Home Smart Decor has a guaranteed system that not only looks great on paper but looks great in your space! We use various techniques to make the decision making process easier from mood boards to photo-realistic images of your space. Check out “Our Expertise” section for a full list of services.

Do you handle installations as well?

All of our products and customized projects are built to be installed by you, but we know sometimes a little help makes the process go more smoothly. Our new menu of services enables you to do as much or as little work as you’d like to bring your dream home to life! We also offer Total Project Management, Delivery, Installation, and more.

Customer Feedback

  • Absolutely ravishing work, my employees and clients here at my salon are crazy about the new aged vibe that Home Smart has created here. It is so beautiful and it really puts everyone at peace.
    customer photo

    Lidia Cameron, Pretty Pretty Salon & Spa

  • As a business owner I understand what it is to have a unique pallet of choices to choose from. The staff at Home Smart Decor are super friendly and easy to work with. I'm having them do my bathroom this weekend.
    customer photo

    Roberto Rameriez, Blue Gene Productions

  • When my wife and I found out we were going to have twins we were so excited to work with them. Best of all they were excited to work with us. Here they have created a wonderful Disney themed bedroom completely customized to our specifications!
    customer photo

    Ricardo Silva

  • Hurricane Wilma had swept violently though south Florida fall of 2005. We had just moved here from Massachusetts and did not know what to expect in the aftermath of a hurricane. Home Smart Decor provided us with a speedy roofing repair.
    customer photo

    John Goodbar